The Superlative of Lyricism

May 7, 2015

D-ribose as treatment for fibromyalgia

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia almost 3 years ago. I recently read about d-ribose supplements being helpful in managing some of the symptoms. There is not a lot of information out there so I thought posting my little experiment might be helpful to those looking into it as a treatment option. I thought I'd share my 2 week findings: I mix d-ribose powder into a drink 3x a day. I have done it for 15 days now. More importantly, I did it during my week long flare. I've had lots of nerve pain in my shoulders in the days that followed that interfered with being able to tell if I was feeling any better because who feels better with nerve pain?? Anyway, now that it has subsided I have noticed the following: In short, I still have fibromyalgia but it helps! In long: 1) I get things done faster. I do my dishes while the kids eat lunch. I used to barely load the dishwasher in my allotted time. Now I load it with time to spare. I imagine I can do more repetitious movements before the pain kicks in, which is what slows me down. We're talking 25 minutes down to 15. So I guess we can say endurance is better but minimally. Enough though,to make a difference in my housework. 2) I recover. I try to explain to my husband that normally you would wear yourself out, go to sleep and wake up feeling better. For me I would wear myself out, wake up feeling every bit (sometimes more) of the previous day and then add onto it all day long, go to bed, wake up having had two days worth of wear and tear, feeling no better and no more recovered from the initial exertion, etc. Just within the last week I have started to recover. Previously a shopping trip and a walk on the same day would put me couch ridden and in major pain for up to 3 days. Now it put me out (just as painfully) for the rest of the day BUT I woke up the next day in about the same state as before the shopping trip. This is a big deal! To prove my theory I exercised. Yes, yes I did. On an elliptical. And I did it for 5 minutes with resistance. And within a few hours I told My husband that I may have accidentally paralyzed myself. That was yesterday and today I vacuumed and did a 3yr old's haircut. And I have a cold. That is proof beyond all doubt, to me, that it is improving the recovery time of my muscles. 3) I am down 3 pounds I have not been able to shift my weight any way but up in quite some time. I'm hoping reasons 1&2 will help increase my activity level and turn things around for me. Here's hoping! This is the one I am taking:

Apr 19, 2012


Another sleepless night
Here comes the dawn
No rest in sight
All help is gone

There's the mean sun
It's about to get rough
The work is never done
Already done enough

Must answer the call
Do the balancing act
Handle it all
Do not react

Take what is handed
Give only peace back
Do what is demanded
Try not to crack

The day is complete
Headache drums
Admit defeat
Tomorrow still comes

Aug 28, 2010

That Pesky Spot

You're the unsightly stain on my best tablecloth.
No matter how hard I scrub I can't get you off.
He's coming to dinner and you cannot show.
It's our first date, and he doesn't know.
I do my best to keep you from sight,
with distracting centerpieces and dim candle light.
But when the dishes are cleared, it was all done in vain.
You're in plain view, and I flood with shame.

Apr 18, 2010

Till Death Do Us Part

She has breakfast ready, even on a Monday.
He takes a few bites and then drives away.
Her wave at the window goes unobserved.
She puts on her apron, ready to serve.
She washes the dishes and clears the table,
She folds all the clothes that she is able.
She hangs his pants just the way he likes it,
Then hand sews that pair of jeans he split.
Just when she thinks the day is too long,
The radio plays their old love song.
She checks the clock, he’ll be home soon
As she puts on her dress she hums that tune.
She makes the dinner, it’s his favorite meal.
Asparagus, potatoes, and a lovely veal.
The candles are lit, the table is set.
It’s quarter to eight and he’s not home yet.
The candles dwindle, the food goes cold
Her disappointment remains untold.
After an hour of worry he finally shows,
He walks right by and mutters hello.
He kicks off his shoes and despite her plea,
Waves her aside and flips on the TV.
Alone in the kitchen she throws the dinner away,
Trying to pretend everything is ok.
He climbs the stairs without a word said,
Leaving the TV on, he heads up to bed.
She stays behind and turns it off.
Picks up his coat, his shoes, and his socks.
She puts out the lights and the tears start to fall,
She quiets herself as she nears the hall.
Though the emptiness is hard to bear,
There is something worse than solitaire,
The thing that truly breaks her heart
Is that she is in this till death do us part.

Apr 14, 2010

The Nourishing Tree

The newly risen sun rays fell upon a valley so pristine
Making dewdrops glisten on the grass so evergreen.
A songbird greets the morning with a joyous heartfelt tune.
The brilliant flowers wake and each present their bloom.
Nestled in this luscious life is a youthful, vibrant tree.
Though surrounded by this Eden, she found herself lonely.
Her fruit was in abundance and her leaves so full and bright,
She wanted to share her harvest and bring others delight.

As if the heavens listened, the glen was filled with laughter.
Two children danced about with their father chasing after.
The three wearied quickly from the heat the sun had made
Delightedly She called them near, so pleased to give them shade.
The children expressed hunger to their empty handed dad
She eagerly fed them all the fruit she had.

Dusk settled on the valley, chilling the gentle breeze.
She offered them her branches, “Take as many as you please”
The father cut them one by one and built a glowing fire.
The children nestled near it, listening to the insect choir.
While the little ones warmed themselves the dad set out to see
If he could build a home with the remainder of the tree.
The father was successful and called the children near
The tree now sheltered all that She held dear

The fire burned to embers, all were sound asleep
In the silence of the night the tree began to weep
For gone were the days of blossoms and bees.
Gone were the hours of leisure and ease.

John 15:13
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Apr 13, 2010

Baby Bliss

I heaR music in her lovely laughter
I see wonder in her bright blue eyes
I feel heaven in her hugs
And unbearable heartache when she cries

She is the quintessence of beautY
With a softness in her smile
There is trust in her tiny touch
She is everything worthwhiLe

She is the best part of mE
I see such hope in her face
She is proof there is a God
The epitome of grace.

I love to lay beside her
as she drifts off to sleep
I brush aside those tawny strands
She is the perfect picture of peace.

ThouGh the world is calling
I could not bear to miss
One single moment
Of tHis, my Baby Bliss.

Mar 19, 2010


My legs are like sticks, and I have eight.
I scurry across the floor, it's getting late.
The room is so big and I am quite small.
Gliding quickly to the safety of the wall.
A girl walks in and sees me there,
She's small and loud with straw colored hair.
Skipping toward me she whispers my name,
Staring at me for hours, every night is the same.
I stay there until "Goodnight" is said,
the girl climbs slowly into her bed.
Lights go out and the world is mine.
Sneaking about, the night is divine!
I crawl around here and there
I'm sure I've been nearly everywhere.
I manage to climb up onto the bed.
Slowly I creep on the sleeping girl's head.
She begins to stir so I stand still,
Then move through her hair to the window sill.
Back across her pillow, I hurry by fast.
I'm not sure how long the dark will last.
Rushing to the corner, I stumble,
I roll and take a tumble.
Pain invades my heaven.
My eight legs are now only seven.
Staggering to the corner, the girl now peers at me.
Watching me struggle. Something's wrong she sees.
A big white paper zooms at my face.
It scares me bad and away I race.
Faster it comes and then speed decreases.
It hits me hard and I fall to pieces.
Why she hurt me, she'll never say.
Now in three different sections I lay.
I think my legs are by the stairs,
and where my head is no one cares.
I don't know how long my consciousness will stay,
'cuz she stepped on my cephalothorax while walking away.